• Posted by Lamario Mcghee
    How much are you custom dolls the reason I'm asking is because my daughter lost her boyfriend recently and she really loved him and I would love to get her a doll made of him so she could remember him. What is the process of getting this done
  • Posted by Regina
    I love your work! Do you ship to the United States?
  • Posted by jennifer jones
  • Posted by Samantha
    Heyyyyyyy, how are you, I think the two dolls I saw on Game page is so awesome, I'm wanting to know how to go about getting one for my grandbabies, 2 girls, and to look like them, what are those prices, I'm in NC in the USA, how long is the ordering process, like I want all the details on how it work, this will be a very special gift, keep doing what you do, ...rockin and making the babies smile
  • Posted by Teresa Galloway
    I really enjoyed 😁😊 reading your Bio it made me feel very special not only as a Vlack lighte skined female but as a Mom of Daughters Thank You
  • Posted by Juliette
    I absolutely need a Dania or a Jacky, will you ever have them back in store? <3
  • Posted by JustinDydaY
    Cheers! I enjoy this.
  • Posted by Capri
    I Want To know How To Get A Custom Doll For My Niece That Was Just Born? Please And Thank You
  • Posted by REALESTATElenO
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  • Posted by Cécile Lichtenberg
    Dag Ellen,
    ik heb diverse berichten via internet over jouw zaak gezien, maar donkere poppen zijn al heel lang in de handel. Ik bezit al 60 jaar en bruine pop en daar koop ik nog regelmatig kleertjes voor(de mode moet gevolgd worden toch). Mijn zussen hebben ook nog bruine poppen in hun bezit.
    Wel leuk dat er nu en speciaalzaak is. Ik wens je veel succes.
    Met hartelijke groet,
    Cécile Lichtenberg
  • Posted by Jaju
    Geweldige winkel met een geweldige eigenaar. De winkel zelf is al een ervaring die je eigenlijk niet mag missen! Komt nog de uitstekende service bij kijken wat ervoor zorgt dat je met de grootste glimlach en gevoel van geluk weg gaat met een pop!!


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