• Zolie doll
    Zolie doll

    About Zolie Zi

    Nickname: Miss Chit Chat
    Name meaning: Beautiful flower full of life
    Place of Birth: Prosper, Texas
    Date of Birth: March 7, 2005
    Height: 3'2", Weight: 65lbs
    Eye Color: Hazel brown
    Favorite Facial Feature: my…

    € 27.50
  • Zolie's Hairbow
    Zolie's Hairbow

    ***Zolie Zi Hair Bows for Girls all ages!!***

    5 inch hair bows was created by The Zolie Zi Empire and inspired by the Zolie Zi book series based on the character, “Zolie Zi”.

    The designs are cute and sturdy!



    € 7.95
  • Zolie Zi bag
    Zolie Zi bag

    15 inch Zolie Zi Drawstring bag

    Color: Puple /Pink

    420 D material

    € 14.50
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