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  • Afro Hairdresser Doll
    Afro Hairdresser Doll

    Your own hairstyle doll .... how nice is that. This barbie styling head is full of fun things. Nice clips and nice things to twist the hair ... Super nice hair extencions ... With cold water and the application brush you can…

    € 67.95
  • Quinty Locks
    Quinty Locks

    Quinty with her handmade created locks is such a beauty

    45 cm

    comes with her silver shoes

    € 87.50
  • Quinty Locks brown
    Quinty Locks brown
    € 87.50
  • Quinty Locks Colorful
    Quinty Locks Colorful

    Look at Quinty with her handmade locs and her cute outfit

    € 87.50
  • Doc MC Stuffin
    Doc MC Stuffin

    Doc MC Stuffing wash your hands doll with mechanism

    € 24.95
  • Baby Suzu pink
    Baby Suzu pink

    Look how sweet Suzu is

    Baby Suzu is an interactive baby that does not use batteries.

    You can give her a bottle, bathe..... feed her.... close And she closes her eyes when lying down.

    By feeding her porridge and raising her…

    € 64.95
  • Nia Ballerina Doll
    Nia Ballerina Doll

    ∙ Nia Ballerina dressed in her trademarked ballet outfit complete with tutu and pink plastic ballet shoes.
    ∙ This doll is the ideal size to be carried around anywhere, and is made from sturdy and durable material.
    ∙ Nia…

    € 27.95
  • Nakita Afro Doll
    Nakita Afro Doll

    Look how beautiful I am ... I am 28 cm tall and have a vinyl body and nice afro hair. My clothes may be a bit too warm for this weather but you can always dress me with something lighter.

    At Coloured Goodies you will find the…

    € 39.95
  • Lulu Special Girl
    Lulu Special Girl

    Special Girl Lulu

    € 29.95
  • Srlah bold little Diva
    Srlah bold little Diva

    Srlah little Diva

    € 29.99
  • Selah Bold color
    Selah Bold color

    Look at Selah in her beautiful dress

    € 29.95
  • Selah Puzzled
    Selah Puzzled

    Selah (bold) in her jumpsuit

    € 29.95
  • Selah Bold Lavendel
    Selah Bold Lavendel
    € 29.95
  • Selah bold brown
    Selah bold brown

    Selah Bold Brown jersey

    € 29.95
  • Kayima
    € 45.95
  • Amy-Lee asian bold
    Amy-Lee asian bold
    € 29.95
  • Quinty Tik Tok
    Quinty Tik Tok

    Wow ....get your own Til Tokdoll

    € 60.00
  • Zolie doll
    Zolie doll

    About Zolie Zi

    Nickname: Miss Chit Chat
    Name meaning: Beautiful flower full of life
    Place of Birth: Prosper, Texas
    Date of Birth: March 7, 2005
    Height: 3'2", Weight: 65lbs
    Eye Color: Hazel brown
    Favorite Facial Feature: my…

    € 27.50
  • Quinty Summer
    Quinty Summer

    Oh what a beauty...Quinty in her summer dress and head

    € 62.50
  • Muslima Quinty
    Muslima Quinty

    Muslima Quinty doll

    45cm (18 inch)

    € 62.95
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