Teen Age Modern Dolls 

Our teenage dolls in the Nilaya collection are great.  Even adults wants to have dolls like this.  

Nilaya is made from Vinyl  and has a sence of vanille 

  • Material: Vinyl/Acryl 
  • 32 cm 
  • Nilaya Pink ballerina
    Nilaya Pink ballerina

    what a beautyyyy

    32 cm with her Ugg boots 😊

    € 52.95
  • Nilaya Casual pink
    Nilaya Casual pink
    € 57.95
  • Nilaya Casual pink wnter
    Nilaya Casual pink wnter
    € 57.95
  • Mini Noah
    Mini Noah

    Noah is a cute little Diva doll. Her trendy hair, adorable outfit and even a practical bag are always a fan favorite! Plus, since it’s 21 centimeters (8.5 inches) tall, it’s perfect for all kinds of travel!

    With a touch of…

    € 31.95
  • Nilaya Casual Winter
    Nilaya Casual Winter
    € 57.95
  • Nilaya Operation Nurse
    Nilaya Operation Nurse

    Nilaya in her Operation Nurse outfit

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Lawyer
    Nilaya Lawyer

    Nilaya as a Lawyer.... She is a great gift for kids intrigued by the law and who love to keep things fair!

    Nilaya is 33 cm and her body is from vinyl Her shoes are a little different then on the picture

    € 55.00
  • Nilaya Color Kente
    Nilaya Color Kente

    Kente Nilaya

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Suridame
    Nilaya Suridame

    Nilaya......kijk hoe prachtig onze Suridame is

    € 51.95
  • Nima
    € 39.95
  • Jeanette Casual
    Jeanette Casual

    Jeanette...our beautiful red hair teenage doll

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya kente
    Nilaya kente

    nilaya kente

    € 51.95
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