Teen Age Modern Dolls 

Our teenage dolls in the Nilaya collection are great.  Even adults wants to have dolls like this.  

Nilaya is made from Vinyl  and has a sence of vanille 

  • Material: Vinyl/Acryl 
  • 32 cm 
  • Nilaya Color
    Nilaya Color

    Nilaya Teenage doll

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Flower Power
    Nilaya Flower Power

    Nilaya Flower power

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Casual
    Nilaya Casual

    Nilaya Casual Teenage doll

    € 51.95
  • Mini Noah
    Mini Noah

    Noah is a cute little Diva doll. Her trendy hair, adorable outfit and even a practical bag are always a fan favorite! Plus, since it’s 21 centimeters (8.5 inches) tall, it’s perfect for all kinds of travel!

    With a touch of…

    € 31.95
  • Nilaya Nurse/Docter
    Nilaya Nurse/Docter

    Nilaya as a nurse/doctor

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Operation Nurse
    Nilaya Operation Nurse

    Nilaya in her Operation Nurse outfit

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Lawyer
    Nilaya Lawyer

    Nilaya as a Lawyer.... She is a great gift for kids intrigued by the law and who love to keep things fair!

    Nilaya is 33 cm and her body is from vinyl Her shoes are a little different then on the picture

    € 55.00
  • Nilaya Pink ballerina
    Nilaya Pink ballerina

    what a beautyyyy

    32 cm with shoes

    € 52.95
  • Nilaya Color Kente
    Nilaya Color Kente

    Kente Nilaya

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Curly blue
    Nilaya Curly blue

    Nikaya with curly hair and her super cool outfit bag and shoes 😊

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Gypty
    Nilaya Gypty

    Nilaya Gipty

    € 51.95
  • Nilaya Dashiki Yellow
    Nilaya Dashiki Yellow

    Nilaya Dashiki Yellow

    € 51.95
  • -5%

    Asian Lulu
    Asian Lulu

    Asian Lulu is 32 cm

    De pop is gemaakt van Vinyl en heeft een lichte vanille geur. Haar hoofd, armen en benen zijn beweegbaar waardoor ze verschillende houdingen kan aannemen.

    De pop kan niet ondergedompeld worden met water maar…

    € 41.95 € 39.95
  • Cane boy doll
    Cane boy doll

    what a beauty little boy is this


    € 39.95
  • Nilaya Suridame
    Nilaya Suridame

    Nilaya......kijk hoe prachtig onze Suridame is

    € 51.95
  • Nima
    € 39.95
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