Our Down dolls are beautiful. 34 cm tall and made of fire-resistant vinyl CE approved

We have chosen to call the white doll Romy, because Romy is in real life our biggest friend with Down syndrome. She stole our hearts in 2019 and that is why we now have a doll that looks exactly like her and of course it may be that our Romy doll also looks like your child youre grandchild friend or a niece.


The black doll's name is Amahri and she is also a loving girl and friend in real life from Coloured Goodies


The Boy Dolls names are Malik & Joery 

fotocredits @Ihartphotos

Romy & Amahri models @DmaModels @DMAmodelagency 

  • Malik Yellow
    Malik Yellow
    € 65.95
  • Special Boy Maleek
    Special Boy Maleek

    Our Special Boy

    34 cm

    vinyl body

    curly hair

    vanielle sence

    Cool Sneakers

    € 65.95
  • Maleek Cool Boy
    Maleek Cool Boy

    Maleek is a Cool Boy

    with his amaxing outfit and cool sneakers

    € 65.95
  • Malik Kente
    Malik Kente

    how cool is Malik in his kente outfit

    € 65.95
  • Maleek Dream Like
    Maleek Dream Like

    Maleek in his cool dream like Martin outfit and his awesome sneakers

    € 65.95
  • Romy Special Girl
    Romy Special Girl


    Look at Special girl Romy with her cool bootz and outfit

    € 72.95
  • Romy Yellow Dashiki
    Romy Yellow Dashiki

    Look at our beauty Romy with her unique outfit and pink shoes 😊

    € 72.95
  • Joery blond
    Joery blond

    Joery tough guy

    € 65.95
  • Joery blond
    Joery blond

    Joery tough guy

    € 65.95
  • Romy Brunette Pink
    Romy Brunette Pink
    € 65.95
  • Romy Flower off Shoulder
    Romy Flower off Shoulder

    Romy in her cute off shoulder dress and her cool bootz

    € 72.95
  • Romy Leopard
    Romy Leopard

    Romy Leopard yellow

    € 72.95
  • Romy Pink
    Romy Pink
    € 65.95
  • Romy Fashionista
    Romy Fashionista

    Romy is een kleine Fiva die super modern is. Ze zoekt nog naar haar BFF dus misschien ben jij dat wel 😊 Romy is 34 cm groot en heeft kort blond haar. Omdat ze het syndroom van Down heeft is ze erg speciaal en geeft ontzettend…

    € 65.95
  • Romy Frozen
    Romy Frozen

    Our beautiful Romy doll is inspired by Colored Goodies girlfriend Romy Heere. A beautiful girl with Down syndrome.

    A little Diva with a personality that you will never forget when you meet her. You can also personalize the doll…

    € 65.95
  • Romy Brunette yellow
    Romy Brunette yellow

    Onze prachtige Romy doll is geiinspireerd naar Coloured Goodies vriendinnetje Romy Heere. Een prachtig meisje met downsyndroom. Een kleine Diva met een persoonlijkheid die je nooit zal vergeten op t moment dat je haar zult…

    € 65.95
  • Amahri Flower
    Amahri Flower

    Amahri in her flower dress

    € 59.95
  • Amahri Casual
    Amahri Casual

    Look at our sweet Amahri in her red yellow dress

    € 59.95
  • Amahri Yellow Dashiki
    Amahri Yellow Dashiki

    Amahri Dashiki

    € 59.95
  • Romy Lila
    Romy Lila

    Look at Romy with her lila putple dress. Romy has short hair and she comes with hercearrings on

    without shoes

    € 59.95
  • I did not choose to be different
    I did not choose to be different



    did not choose to be different

    Just gt Lucky

    € 17.50
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