These are our Special project dolls

Original handmade customised dolls with differend skinconditions to bring diversity into children's lives.

Skin pigmentation condition, or other  limitations are our speciality

These Unique dolls can teach children to celebrate differences at a young age.

We want to teach all children to never ever stop from following your dreams


We create dolls with Vitiligo or Nevus or other skin conditions

The procedure is as follows: The customer chooses a doll from our existing range. A doll that most closely resembles your child or the person concerned. (The dolls can be found on the website and on our Instagram account. We can adjust this doll to the wishes of the customer. These can be wishes such as:

  • a skin condition (this is done by hand, with non-toxic paint)
  • hair style (such as locs, braids and curls)
  • clothing style (favorite outfit)

We are not yet able to adjust the doll's hair color, skin color and eyes. Everything else the customer would like can usually be provided.

Standard delivery time: 2 weeks

Prices: Depending on what needs to be adjusted, prices vary between €40 (around $48) for a doll of 25cm (10 inch) up to € 200 (around $238) for a 60cm (24 inch) doll. Excluding shipping costs.

We would like to point out that due to Covid-19 the delivery of dolls with braided hair will take longer.

  • Sam Freckled
    Sam Freckled
    € 75.00
  • Shuri Freckles
    Shuri Freckles

    Shuri is a beauty with her freclkes. Her outfitis are very Limited and she comes with her Ugg Bootz!

    € 75.00
  • Shuri Freckles  My Rootz
    Shuri Freckles My Rootz

    Shuri freckles is handmade painted and a limited unique kind

    She comes with her cool my Rootz outfit and bootz

    € 75.00
  • Rosa Cleft Lip
    Rosa Cleft Lip

    Rosa was born sith a cleft lip

    € 27.50
  • Rosa Cleft Lip
    Rosa Cleft Lip
    € 27.50
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