• Pure Shea Butter
    Pure Shea Butter

    Urban Africa Pure Shea Butter is obtained from Shea nuts of the Karite tree (the tree of life).

    This tree is only grown in the savannas of West Africa. The first fruits only come after 15 years.

    Urban Africa Pure Shea Butter is…

    € 12.50
  • Liquid blacksoap
    Liquid blacksoap

    Urban Africa Liquid Black Soap has a number of therapeutic properties for all kinds of skin problems such as: acne, eczema, pimples, skin rashes and (head) skin irritations.

    In addition, the soap reduces the pores and reduces…

    € 17.50
  • Pure Coconut Oil
    Pure Coconut Oil

    Pure Coconut Oil & Sweet Coco Nature This head to pamper combination is a gift for the skin & hair. Let the Pure Coconut Oil melt on your skin and bring your hair back to life. Urban Africa Pure Coconut Oil: Urban Africa Pure…

    € 10.00



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