My name is Ellen Brudet and I am 54 years old. I am the mother of two beautiful boys (32 and 18 years old) Living toghether with my partner Marlon.

 I was born from a mixed race marriage. My dad was born in Surinam and my mom was born in the Netherlands. I am a very proud 'Moksi baby' or as I call it 'a double blood' (in the Netherlands they call mixed babies 'half bloods' but that doesn't make any sense to me!)

 Back in the days, when I was a child (around 1966), it was a true 'mission impossible' for my mom to buy a coloured doll to play with.

When my mom finally found one, I wasn't interested anymore. Why? I guess I got used to playing with white dolls. This made my mom very sad, all she ever wanted for me was a doll that I could identify myself with. Her exact words were: 'every child should have access to a coloured doll!'. And those words brought me to where I am today!

On February the 14th in 2016 I became the proud owner of the Coloured Goodies Shop. It was, and still is, the first Black Doll Giftshop in the Netherlands and, needless to say, I am more than proud of it! The other day my oldest son told me: 'mom....Coloured Goodies will be your legacy'. And I believe it is true, I made history with my shop.

It still is a dream come true and from this point amazing things will happen, I am sure. Please feel free to visit my shop, come and feel the ambiance and hear yourself say 'wow!'.

The adress is Van der Pekstraat 75, Amsterdam (North) 

Feel free to contact us by e-mail: or call 085-0603031





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