The great artist  THE GAME has a Vitiligo doll from us. He has written a beautiful piece about coloured goodies and this has ensured that we have gained a lot of fame all over the world in a few days :-)   WE ARE BLESSED


Our Vitiligo dolls are handmade. They have been painted with non-toxic paint by a friend of Coloured Goodies. Corina Klaasens   She is a great artist and has ensured that our dolls have a beautiful view on various skin.  It's also possible to ask for youre own wish, because Corina has a quality to make that special wish come true for you :-)



Here’s the story.

While in Amsterdam, The Game was offered a custom-made doll by doll maker Ellen Brudet of Coloured Goodies.

In effort to have a “daddy teaching his daughter something moment,” the 38-year-old rapper chose to have the doll created to resemble model Winnie Harlow, known for never covering her vitiligo in efforts to break barriers in beauty! 

According to his story, he was happily surprised when he learned that his daughter, “was already hip & didn’t need to be put on,” when it came to #melaninmagic.



NEW STORY .... 22th of may 2018

After seeing The Game his posting Jeff decided to order a doll for his beautiful daughter.  We created this look a like doll special for her and as you can see.... she is so incredibly happy

This is Skylar and we made her a doll that looks like her.




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    what you guys are doing
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