Make a child happy in Gambia and Buy a afrodoll for € 18,95 (including shipping costst) about 20 dollar

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My partner and I talked for years about a trip to Africa that we wanted to make because we just wanted to see with our own eyes how children deal with identification...........This trip we made last August and it was a beautiful experience.

In Gambia we first met a few local children who we could make happy with a black doll , and we immediately noticed that the outraged was very big because a couple of these children never saw a dark vinyl doll before..............All children play there with white dolls. These were often donated and of course given with love, but the saddest of this was to see what I had already noticed online.........That was that the children see the black as negative and experience it exact like that..... With a quick doll test among the local children (about wich doll is nicer and smarter ...the white or the black doll) we found out that there too the children all chose the white doll.

The happiness and live changing came when we gave a child  our Selah Afro doll......First she walked with a white doll on her back but now her own Selah doll goes everywhere (see photo) and she has already received new clothes. Selah is the doll she looks like and that makes her more confident and proud.


Our goal was to go to an orphanage in Gambia and see what we could possibly mean there. When we arrived there at the SOS Village was the holiday period for the children and many were  accommodated with family or in Senegal on a holiday home together with the organization .......Many children were not there but we could have good conversations with the director and 2 teaches working there.

At first they were a little hesitant to speak to us, but after indicating what our  intention is , they became more than enthusiastic..... The teacher told us that they were currently working on a project in which she explains to the children how BEAUTIFUL AND SMART they are and how they should see themselves.

YOU ARE SPECIAL AND BEAUTIFUL  ....... that's the name of the project and that's why it was so great that we were there now with the idea and intention to help a little with this project.

Now it comes .....

Would not it be great to be able to give every child in the orphanage a afro doll?

A doll that he or she looks like. A doll where they can see how beautiful they are. A doll with a personal message  from you !! How we could accomplish this is as follows.........

You buy a doll worth € 18,95  from Colored Goodies and give a positive personal message for the child. We place this text on a card and hang this card on the doll with your name and message. The child in Gambia gets a doll with a personal message as  a gift. The child can finally identify with this doll and through the message he or she will feel even more intelligent and dignified.

The project in the orphanage will also use these dolls in their lessons on You ARE SPECIAL AND BEAUTIFUL

How wonderful is this? This doll will not come to you but will be donated :-)

So............  Press the DONATE BUTTON  TO BUY A DOLL AND WHEN U SEE THE BUTTON COMMENTS, You can leave youre message for that child who will receive youre doll

WHEN U SEE THE ADRESS INFO ...choose the netherlands  as country to pay


Be Special and Beautifull to let them be Special en Beautiful and donate a doll that looks like them :-)



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